Cleaning and Maintaining Laminate Benchtops

We get many questions from our customers about what to use to clean their great new kitchen benches.

In our first blog post, we are presenting some industry tips on cleaning and maintaining laminate benchtops.

General Care Tips for Laminate Benches

- Avoid scourers and abrasives as they will damage the surface.

- Don’t place hot objects, electrical appliances that generate a lot of heat or pots straight
from the oven or cooker onto your laminate surface. (Kind of obvious, we know…)

- Don’t cut food on the laminate surface. Always use a board or other.

- Waxes and polishes will dull the natural shine with laminate finishes – avoid them.

- Do not use strong acidic, alkaline cleaners or bleach for normal cleaning as these might mark or deface the surface.

- Dark surfaces may have streaks left after a wipe down, we recommend using an all-purpose spray cleaner for getting that nice smooth look back. Windex or Ajax spray’n'wipe does the trick.

- Greasy marks may need a solution of diluted mild dishwashing liquid applied. Lift the stain first by dabbing, wait a few seconds then remove with wiping.

- Accidental spills of checmials such as solvent based pen ink, concentrated bleach, hair colour (Yes, even hair colouring chemicals, all sorts of things pass through kitchens we’ve found…), oven cleaners, iodine, even beetroot, need prompt action to remove the stain properly. Don’t wait, do it then and there. If you need to use acetone, use it sparingly.

- If a mark is persistent, try a window cleaner spray.

- Always wipe over dry after removing spills. Try not to leave residue from the cleaning chemical itself.

- Never use solvents on metallic laminates nor acids or alkalis.

- Also, probably the least known tip that is very important – Don’t clean the surface if it is warm to hot. This may agitate the cleaner to leave a mark.

We hope you’ve gleaned some useful tips from our first post.

We will be posting some more cleaning and maintenance tips for different finishes in the near future.


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We only use the best quality products in our work.

We only use the best quality products in our work.

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