Two Pack:


An increasingly popular trend in kitchen design today involves the use of two pack paint.  This is where MDF doors, panels and drawer fronts are sanded back and painted in paint similar to that of a motor vehicle.  The are many positives to using two pack paint on your kitchen cabinets.  Two pack paint comes in any colour you can find and in any state, i.e. metallic, satin, gloss or even a percentage of these.  Two pack also suits the two most defining styles of kitchen, the modern, sleek contemporary design and the rustic, aged colonial style.  Other benefits of a two pack painted kitchen is the longevity of the product and the ability for change at a smaller price.  Due to the fact the two pack kitchen consists of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) painted in the finish and colour of your choice, the colour can simply be lightly sanded and resprayed in a new colour of your choosing.  The doors, panels and drawer fronts simply need to be removed and taken back to a qualified two pack sprayer.  This can be an economical process as there is no need to buy and have manufactured completely new doors, panels and drawer fronts.  Another benefit of having a two pack kitchen is in the event of damage to your cabinet fronts.  If you were to have melamine fronts on your kitchen and they were to become damaged a few years down the track, there is a very real and unfortunate chance that particular colour may be discontinued and no longer manufactured.  This would then require all of your doors, panels and drawer fronts to be removed and new ones would need to be manufactured and purchased.  As for the two pack cabinet front, if it were to be damaged you may be able to simply remove it and take it to a qualified two pack sprayer for a re-spray or touch up.   This can be extremely economical if it were to be only a single piece damaged throughout the whole kitchen.  A two pack painted kitchen will sometimes work out to be a  greater cost than that of a melamine kitchen, although with these above listed benefits, it is a process and finish that should definitely be considered

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Stone Bench Tops:


If you’re after that “WOW” effect then stone bench tops are for you. We offer a large range of stone benchtops ranging from engineered stone and natural granite to marble. We only use the best quality stone dealing exclusively with the best leading brands in the market. We at Brisbane Custom Cabinets understand that your kitchen is a daily use and if stone work tops can squeeze into your budget then we strongly recommend you select them. Their durability is far greater than that of laminate work tops and will continue to look their best for years to come.

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Kitchen Hardware:


At Brisbane Custom Cabinets we only surround ourselves with the best in the business when it comes to cabinetry hardware suppliers.  We strive to go the extra mile when it comes to our hardware to ensure our clients are getting the best quality fittings that will keep their kitchen looking amazing for years upon years.  Brisbane Custom Cabinets uses the services of global cabinet hardware supplier BLUM.  All of the hardware we source from BLUM come with their very own LIFETIME WARRANTY.  This gives our clients the piece of mind they deserve when creating their dream project.  Our most increasingly popular item is BLUM’s soft close drawers.  They, coupled with the use of BLUM soft closing hinges on all our doors, add that wow factor to your kitchen.  If you are aiming on more of a budget project we also regularly use what BLUM call “Metabox runners”.  These are strong steel sided drawers that despite not closing with the soft close mechanisms still come with the LIFETIME WARRANTY that make them extremely popular and satisfying.  There are endless opportunities to create an amazingly stunning, practical and modern functioning kitchen with the large range of cabinet hardware BLUM and Brisbane Custom Cabinets have to offer.  There are electronic options including touch operated soft closing drawers as well as upward opening over head doors and intelligent storage ideas and hardware that will really “knock your socks off”.

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Glass splashbacks:


After your brand new dream kitchen has been installed by the team at Brisbane Custom Cabinets your next project is the splash back.  While for years tiled splash backs have been the only sensible option another has really come to the forefront of modern kitchen design.  This option is a hardened glass splash back.  Glass splash backs are a great idea if you are looking to create a Wow factor for your kitchen, a strong feature or a subtle colour break.  Glass splash backs are a great idea as they are very easy to maintain when it comes to the clean up of cooking splash and everyday mess and build up.  Their durability and longevity are great selling points.  The glass splash backs are hardened before installation so to ensure that a blunt force will not break them and therefore are an extremely safe option for families.  Another selling point for glass splash backs is that they can be any colour you desire.  Not only can you have the glass painted in any colour but you can paint in any tone or even have it mixed with to create a metallic look.  Glass splash backs can usually be installed in one piece so that the problem of cleaning joins, similar to the build up that occurs in tile joins, is not a problem.

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Laminate in the cabinet making industry is used most commonly on kitchen bench tops.  Laminate bench tops are a practical and easy to maintain option for your kitchen or cabinetry project.  We offer a few different options for laminate bench tops.  Although the option of a square edged laminate bench top is still available new machinery now can create a variety of post formed rolled edges.  The new way of post forming laminate bench top edges creates greater longevity for the particleboard board bench tops.  Post forming is simply the process of wrapping the laminate over the edge and gluing it down on the underneath side of the particle board bench top.  This helps prevent any water or liquid spillages making its way between the laminate and create water damage over time.  Although over time a laminate bench top may not have the longevity that its competitor in the stone bench top boasts, it is still very much a quality finish that should be easier to fit into your budget.

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